Jason's Java and C/C++ Resources

Java Links C/C++ Links Other Programming Links
  • Sun Microsystems - The creators of Java
  • Java Developers Connection - Sun's Java forum
  • The Java Ranch - Nicest Place to learn/talk Java
  • Java IDE's - some IDE's to get you started

  • The C++ Resource Network - Best description of C++ standard libraries
  • C++ Questions & Answers - Great message board and downloads
  • C/C++(about.com) - Everything you ever wanted to know
  • Peter Kitson's C++ books - Offers free online C++ books
  • Programmers Heaven - Much and many programming links
  • DevCentral - Totally free articles and tutorials in popular languages
  • Garage Games - Advanced programming techniques of game creation
  • News Links Web Comics Links Personal Links
  • Wired News - A good mix of technical news
  • CNet News - More formal version of Wired
  • Slash Dot - A very good mix of geeky news
  • InfoWorld - Offers big coporation tech news
  • Linux Today - A site with great linux news
  • Marcel Gagne - Linux writer and free thinker at large
  • Userfriendly - Quite simply the best Web Comic
  • General Protection Fault - What more needs be said?
  • Schlock Mercenary - Futuristic mercenaries with big guns
  • Google Search Engine - Best search engine of all time

  • I have links to many sites that I feel are useful to both newbie and experienced computer programmers. There are links for reference materials, news sites, and the extremely important web comics. Most links are for Java related sites but I have also tried to provide some C and C++ links as well.

    I have grouped the links closer together for faster access and have taken out most color and graphics for faster load time. After all bandwidth is a precious commodity and it would be rude to use up all of yours.

    This site has hopefully helped 42990people.

    If you have a site you would like to suggest, PLEASE email me. Questions/Suggestions/Information?