Java IDE's

A list of Java Integrated Development Environments that I have personally used at one time or another.

  • JCreator A robust freeware IDE with syntax highlighting and other features. My personal favorite to use.

  • jGrasp A very nice freeware IDE with many features including syntax highlighting and a UML generator.

  • NetBeans This is what Forte is based on. I find it to be a little snappier than Forte though. A very nice editor with code completion and syntax highlighting.

  • Jedit Another free IDE written entirely in Java with source code available. Has some really nice features but most come from plugins and programmable macros. Not a good one for those with little to no programming experience.

  • Jext Written in Java. A nice text editor but you must still compile from the command line.

  • RealJ A nice editor with some good features but is a little difficult to set up the first time.

  • TextPad A nice editor that can compile Java and offers syntax highlighting for many programming languages.

  • EditPlus A good text editor with syntax highlighting for Java and HTML. Has a browser screen so that you can see what your HTML code will look like.

  • UltraEdit An editor with syntax highlighting for many languages including Java, HTML, Visual Basic, and C#.

  • Emacs for Windows The classic emacs editor for use in Windows.

  • VIM for Windows Another classic editor with versions available for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

  • BlueJ Possibly the best visual editor for beginners.

  • JavaPad v1.0 The least robust editor that can still compile Java. A good pick for those with slow pc's.

  • Eclipse A great editor with many features. A little hard to learn to use effectively on the first try.

    Of course, there are others besides these but I can only list so many. (For now, anyway.)